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Friday, October 24, 2008

East Bay MINI has a Chili Red MINI on display
at Safe America Credit Union in the lobby located at 6001 Gilbralter Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588.

To view many more MINI's stop on by East Bay MINI located at 4340 Rosewood Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588.

Want to shop from the comfort of your home? Simply visit http://www.eastbaymini.com/ to view our photo-featured new and pre-owned MINI's.

Exterior: Chili Red

Interior: Grey/Carbon Black Leatherette

-White bonnet stripes
-Auto-dimming rearview mirror
-Roof and mirror caps in white
-Sport button
-Center armrest
-Xenon headlights
-MINI HiFi sound system
-17" alloy wheels-crown spoke
-Limited slip differential

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Introducing the all-new performance-oriented 2009 JCW MINIs

For all MINI car enthusiasts, here’s some good news. The new John Cooper Works cars offer higher performance, more torque and better handling. Watch out for this year’s Geneva show where the factory-built MINI cars will make their debut.

Form and function of the 2009 JCW MINIs …

The three-door JCW MINI vehicles get a revamped engine similar to that of the John Cooper Works Challenge Series cars. The engine adds up to 207-horsepower at 6000 rpm and 192 pound-feet of torque between 1850 and 5600 rpm. A six-speed manual transmission handles excessive torque. Engine internals are beefed up to sustain more output and heat. The JCW MINI cars accelerate to 62 mph in just 6.5 seconds, while the larger Clubman takes 6.8 seconds. Both these body styles achieve 148 mph.

A sport-button changes the electric-assisted steering to a sporty program with higher steering torque and changes the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal. A standard sport suspension can be augmented with optional harder dampers and stronger front and rear stabilizers. An optional John Cooper Works chassis lowers the car and replaces the dampers with harder ones.

Various upgradations inside the cabin include an anthracite headliner and gloss piano black trim. On the exterior, the 2009 JCW MINI cars sport lighter rims, brakes and unique 17-inch alloy wheels that weigh less than 22 pounds each.

The complete line of Mini options and accessories along with John Cooper Works performance and appearance parts will now be available on JCW cars. Prior to the manufacturer’s purchase of the John Cooper Works brand, JCW equipment were available as a dealer-installed option on MINI models.

East Bay MINI stocks all the latest MINI cars such as the Cooper S Hardtop, Cooper S Clubman, Cooper Convertible, Cooper S Convertible, John Cooper Works Hardtop and John Cooper Works Clubman. For information about MINI models, contact East Bay MINI showroom in Pleasanton, CA or check out http://www.eastbaymini.com.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

MOTOR-TOBER '08 at East Bay MINI


The October test drive speedtacular has arrived at East Bay MINI. For the entire month of October, we're celebrating the annual fall test drive event known as MOTOR-TOBER '08. Performance test drives. Challenges of skill, Miracles of speed. Merriment. And more. So stop in. Bring your friends. And get ready for the ride and savings of your life:

$0 DOWN.


Catch the savings on any in-stock 2009 MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S. To view photos of our new MINI inventory, click here.

*Leasing for qualified buyers through MINI Financial Services NA. Subject to in-stock availability. Excludes tax, title and dealer fees.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 Tips for the Tank from East Bay MINI

  1. Don't Speed. Driving 65 mpg instead of 75 mph will increase your fuel economy by about 10%. Take pride in being a safe, money saving slowpoke.

  2. Avoid "jack rabbit" Starts. Flooring the gas pedal wastes gas and leads to drastically higher pollution rates.

  3. Anticipate Stops. Think ahead to anticipate stops so your vehicle can coast down. Accelerating hard and braking hard wastes gas, increases pollution and wears out your brakes.

  4. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated. For every three pounds below recommended pressure, fuel economy goes down by about 1%.

  5. Avoid Rush Hour (if possible). Stop-and-go driving burns gas and increases emissions of smog-forming pollutants. For hybrids that can stay in electric mode at low speeds, the effects of stop and go driving are greatly reduced.

  6. Travel Light. An extra 100 pounds in your trunk reduces fuel economy by about 1%

  7. Combine Trips. Warmed-up engines run more efficiently and generate less air pollution.

  8. Turn Off the Air Conditioner. AC increases fuel consumption. At high speeds open windows increase drag; use vents if possible.

  9. Check Your Fuel Economy. If you notice the numbers slipping, then think about how your driving might have changed, and consider getting a tune up or an oil change.

  10. Drive Less. Give your car a rest by taking public transportation, riding a bike or walking. The exercise will do you good.

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Go Green with MINI an Earth Friendly Ride

Today's family cars feature more choices than ever before. Earth friendly rides include the MINI Cooper Clubman. The MINI Clubman is not your standard family hauler. The MINI Cooper Clubman reminds many of the old Ford Club Wagon that our parents or grandparents used to drive.

A spinoff of the popular MINI Cooper, the Clubman adds critical family-friendly leg room and cargo space in a hip design that is sure to get second glances from the neighbors. Another Clubman quirk is the flip-out rear barn doors and side suicide doors. These unorthodox doors may look silly, but they open up the passenger area for much easier entry and exit than conventional car doors.

Visit East Bay MINI to motor in a MINI Cooper Clubman

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